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Skills to pay the bills

So I was talking with a minion the other day about what sports were considered “real sports”. And the definition was not difficult. At first we figured it would require some kind of physical activity. But not all sports fit that description anymore. For example, chess and some other video games are considered professional sports now-a days. And while a football player can argue that a chess player is going to be rather terrible at football, the same could be said in reverse. in the end it really boiled down to weather or not the task at hand required a great deal of skill “in general”. But it’s hard to say what constitutes a “skill”. I make a mean shepherds pie but no one is going to give me a medal for it.


So we moved on to what is considered the “best sport”.


In my personal opinion the “best sport” is defined as the most difficult. And to me it ended up being a tie between golf and hockey.


Golf is a sport that should just not seem possible at first glance. Hitting a tiny ball with an awkward club into a hole that is JUST large enough to fit it is bad enough. Add on the fact that it needs to be done within a handful of swings and the hole is so far away you often need binoculars to see it, and you have yourself a difficult sport. Managing to get a hole-in-one on one of these courses takes a practically CELESTIAL amount of skill. Or so it would seem, anyway. I am personally challenged enough, and thusly satisfied, by mini-putt. All the fun of golf without any of the walking.


Hockey, on the other hand, does not require one specific skill that you need to be awesome at in order to go pro, like golf does. Instead it requires several. You need to balance on a pair of knife-shoes while moving at dangerous paces across a plane of smooth ice all while wearing some much needed, though highly cumbersome, armour. Then add hitting a piece of rubber into a guarded net with a stick. It’s not easy. Well, it’s not easy to do it GOOD. Kids play this game, yes, but it is worlds away from what the pros do. But seriously, who came up with these ideas? They’d seem crazy if someone invented them yesterday.


Maybe it just seems interesting to me because the only physical activity I get these days is running form the forces of justice.