"Doctor Holocaust is a villainous gentleman who, above all else, is trying to take over the world."

The Power of Choice

For whatever reason, people seem to have this notion that they are not in control of their lives. At least not as much as I think they can be. And I’m not entirely sure as to why that is. Maybe some people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions or feelings? That’s certainly a strong possibility if you ask this villain.

Now, when I say “control over your life” what I really mean is “awareness of choice”. Choice is a funny thing. We want to have it right up until something embarrassing happens. Then we claim to have none. As a wise man once said “there has not existed, in all the world a slave that did not choose to be a slave. Granted, the choice is between slavery or death. But the choice remains.” The idea is we ALWAYS have a choice. Weather or not we like or even understand all the options available to us. We still have them. For example, millions of people throughout history chose death when faced with slavery. They fought and died. Or maybe they just died? No matter. Either way they are dead. Now, did they choose wrong? Some would say that it is brave and noble to die in combat or otherwise instead of becoming a slave. Some would say that it is folly to throw away your life for such a reason. To die pointlessly. The argument goes on.

Here is another example! Let’s say, hypothetically, someone killed your family. What do you do? How do you react? How do you feel? The fact that I can even ask questions in following to the hypothetical situation implies that you have choice. Maybe you hunt that person down? Let the authorities handle it? Do nothing? Do a happy dance? It really all depends on how much you like your family.

Now, this is not to say that our actions are not governed in any way by the exterior stimuli that is our environment. If someone kills your family you can choose weather or not to hunt that person down and harm them, yes, but the circumstances make it very easy to choose the harming stuff. We are still, somewhat, at the mercy of the world around us as well as our personal history. That’s right! How you react is not just influenced by your immediate surroundings, no, it is also influenced by your experiences. We could say then, by this observation, that a persons reaction to a situation could be guessed (I’m gonna say that instead of “predicted” because “predicted” sounds to precise) based on their experiences throughout their life and the situation at hand. But not just that! I have a firm belief that we also process data differently as well. That two people with the exact same experiences and environment would still make different decisions because they process data differently.

We are so like computers. We take in sensory data and other informations throughout our lives, internalize and process it, and what pops out is a probability to choose one thing over another. It’s so fascinating!


I am getting wildly out of hand.


Anyway the point is, even if you have had a bad experience with something, even if you are scared or hurt or angry or unprepared for a situation, never forget that you can choose to react differently. And in doing so you will influence the choices made by others.