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Finding my Feet

So I’ve started putting out a lot more content then usual. I normally wanted to be able to do two videos a week plus other content but I never managed to keep that schedule before with all the other villain things going on. But with the steady stream of content comes a feeling, a flavour […]

The Conundrum of Pride

No man is an island. I remember hearing that in a song once. The idea, the notion, that nothing can be done alone. That no one can achieve anything without the assistance of other people. It is a simple truth that exists as much within us as humans as it does on the atomic level. […]

The Power of Choice

For whatever reason, people seem to have this notion that they are not in control of their lives. At least not as much as I think they can be. And I’m not entirely sure as to why that is. Maybe some people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions or feelings? That’s certainly a […]

My First Act as a Villain

Several years ago I made a decision that is, to this day, generally detested and wholly under appreciated. I decided to become a super villain. And as far as decisions go in my life I would say that this one has certainly held a great deal of weight. Not just in the way I chose […]

Sickness Cocktail

So a ways back I attended one of my favourite conventions to date. Con-G. This convention numbers on the top two favourite conventions of the year (tying with ConBravo) but I say this as a generality. By which I mean that I love Con-G as a convention on a whole. The specific Con-G that I […]