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    Ace of Blades

    I am content with the content that has been posted recently, I have been appeased. So now if Doc can get back to his regularly scheduled updates, I will resume my blogging/ranting/promoting Doc’s videos and he can bring more traffic to my blog and it’ll be an ouraboros of viewership.

    An ouraboros, I tell ya.

    Just a quick update from me: I recently celebrated my birthday and thus moved up slightly on that precocious bell-curve that is “getting better with age”. I ate, I drank, I cajoled, I gambolled, and I helped prevent a kitchen fire in my house.

    Don’t cook when you’re drunk, kids.

    I also had to get a new job because of “visa limitations”, which has no good meaning in any light. Whether you’re a shopping fiend or just a foreigner trying to make a living, it’s bad news drop-bears.

    More about the video: I can confirm that most of these things have happened, but I am wondering why he omitted the gun fights he often comes home to. Ninja usually starts it by camping behind the couch with a mid-range rifle and then 5-10 minutes of chaos and bullets later we’re all patching up our wounds and drinking apple juice.

    I miss those guys…

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