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    Ace of Blades

    Well, I decided to come out of my hiatus and return to blogging about stuff that happens in this crazy country. I figure 2 weeks was enough.

    As I mentioned from my related post “Ghosts From My Past” I had found where the King of Knives had been hiding out for the past few years; in a self-titled knife shop of course.

    So I decided I had mustered up enough courage to finally gain some closure about this whole thing and go into the store; I heard there was a sale going on.

    The store was fairly small and compact, mainly selling crockery and small wares, not too many things for commercial use. The knives were locked in a glass display case in which one of the sales reps was more than happy to open for me.

    Just like Christmas.

    My former mentor had a lot of top brands in stock. I guess he had a good use for his connections after all. He had knives from all the top places: Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy to name a few. There were chef knives, cleavers, filet knives, serrated knives, slicers, dicers, and everything in between. A small yet necessary assortment.

    I immediately had my eye on a 20 cm chef knife with a curved, black handle. I held it in my hands; perfectly balanced and so sharp I was afraid I would get a cut from looking at it for too long.

    I had to have it.

    Go figure it was the last one in stock too, usually the good ones are.

    I took it to work the next day and was almost crying at how effortlessly I was completing my prep jobs. This is possibly the best knife I have ever bought for myself.

    He somehow knew I would take it, it seemed that it was his last gift to me. But what does it mean?

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