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    Ace of Blades

    So I have been in Australia for six months, and I have been doing a lot of thinking of what I want for my future.

    When I first came here, most of my homeward thoughts centred around “when I get back…” but now some things back home have changed in a way that coming back for good doesn’t make a whole lot of sense anymore.

    Firstly, I was involved with someone before I left and she called it quits after a few months of sparse communication. I had that one coming.

    Secondly, I would be moving into another apartment in the city (albeit with my friends) and be paying rent there. Although I am pretty much doing that here.

    Lastly, going back would contradict the entire reason for me coming here; to make a life for myself and to be my own man.

    “When” has become “if”.

    I have discovered that getting citizenship here takes 2 years, and by the time my visa is up, I’ll be halfway there.

    This doesn’t mean that I’ll be here forever, I am obligated by my wonderful friends and family to come back at least once per year (probably for a convention or a holiday) and hopefully I have encouraged those people to put some plans to travel in their agenda; I would be more than glad to play host.

    I have not received any instruction from Doctor Holocaust to plan a return, meaning that he is fine working solo or has found a replacement for me.

    We’ll see about that.

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