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    Ace of Blades

    Oh gosh, it’s been over a month since my last blog. Look at all this e-dust e-verywhere.

    Physically I’ve changed a fair bit. I have grown my beard out and I’ve been trying to get some sun. I might have to lose the beard and trim my hair because ungodly hot summers.

    I am currently at another job at which I get paid in cash, but in a safe and legitimate way.

    I’m turning 22 next week and it’s the first birthday I’ve had outside of my home country.

    I have been in Australia for a total of 6 months, 4 days, 11 hours and 40 minutes as I typed this.

    I have had to replace a number of things in the past month that I initially brought from Canada, including 2 pairs of running shoes, my backpack, my laptop bag and bicycle accessories.

    I’m going to my first wedding next month that isn’t in the family.

    And I’ve been reading…a lot.

    Here are some things that I perceive are happening back home, and I can’t do anything about:

    My stuff is being put in to storage.
    My parents are selling the house, so if I did come back I would have to find a place to live.
    There hasn’t been any villainous activity from you-know-who.
    I can’t go and recruit minions here because of the different labour laws, also the guy in charge of this godforsaken island is evil enough.
    Savage Bandito is becoming a Kamen Rider.

    I know that doc is sending an envoy (finally) to check my status here and restock any supplies I need that I can’t get here. I can’t guarantee the envoy will find safe passage back, though. I’ve certainly tried.

    I’m looking forward to the visit, I haven’t been able to speak Canadian with someone in a while.

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