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    I have been looking around at this website since it first started and I’ve been thinking about how much of a shame it is that this website gets as little usage as it does, especially as it took Doc a while to get it set up in the first place. I was thinking about starting to post more regularly, so I could hopefully start up some life in this place. I know you people are out there, any specific areas that you would find interesting? Although I am a college student, I have far to mainly hobbies than I should, plus I do have my broad range of eclectic studies.



    I would love to see what projects other villains, or minions are working on. Be it sinister plots, or workshop projects.



    So that is 2 people that are interested in DIY issues. Hey Doc, you out of everyone should have the best idea on what interests your fans? Also, do you have any personal suggestions?



    This is the best supervillain union I’ve seen so far… actually the only one that still works as far as I’ve seen. Even though there seems to be months of dust on the forums.

    *blows off dust*



    I’m all for getting some more life into this site. DIY is cool i’d got a nice pipboy mold waiting for me to . . . . one day get it into a wearable condition. I get that the doc has had a year from hell, but he needs some regularity to build up an audience.



    Hey, two newcomers have shown themselves! Or possibly some scavengers looking for some marrow, as this website could be releasing some gaseous decay. Then again, it seems like even the creator has given it up, due to his lack of involvement and decay. It is good to see that he just came out with a new video at least. Its good to know that he is still active and hasn’t turned himself into a litch. No litch has that kind of hair.



    Still better than some of the forums I’ve seen. Although Doctor Holocaust can take some tips from Max Barry. Possibly add a web store here for swag. Maybe corral some code monkeys in a room full of computers.



    Ho ti hum hi hah…. Strolling around the Interwebs, don’t mind me…… You really shouldn’t, unless you wanted to. Then I’ll not mind you minding me

    .. ooOOoo the minding of mind games



    Hey I’m new. I met Doctor Holocaust at The Ottawa Geek Market and meant to check out his site a while ago, but forgot to until just now.

    So, um hi everyone. I see this place isn’t very active, but that’s fine.

    Shout out to Doctor Holocaust I hope to see you again at another con/con like thing?

    You’re awesome.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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