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    Salutations all!

    I know the Doc has previously posted a video on awesome gadgets/weapons, etc etc… that others have made. It left me pondering if others in the audience here ( or the doc himself, should he ever feel less then inspired on a particular day) have found other DIY projects that they have tried to replicate, or better yet, improve upon? I am currently dabbling on a project of my own, so I am curious to see what sparks of genius/insanity are catching our interest these days.

    Yours till the crow flies and the flies crow



    Sorry for the rather late response to your post, but hopefully you will check once and a while. I have been picking up a variety of ideas to work on over this last year, unfortunately, due to my college schedule I have not had much time to work on them. The only project’s ive actually devoted some time too is weaponized cloth, an extrapolation on various data and papers to create a creature that could actually live in this world, even if evolution would never allow it, and a way for humans to consume bones. Once the spring semester is over i should have much more time on my hands, however I would be deprived of the campus library. =(



    However, doc’s discusson about sonic disabling weapons did intrigue me quite a lot, so I am planning on coming up with my own design over the summer and hopefully compare with Doc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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