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Edmonton Expo Master Plan

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    Greetings, Doctor and all who shall read this.

    You may remember me as the man with the Portal Gun you coveted at ConBravo 2012. Sadly, I could not make a return appearance at this year’s ConBravo, as I am now living in Edmonton, AB, and things like travel, scheduling and expense became issues I could not resolve. However, I may have something to make up for that.

    Being in Edmonton, I now have direct access to their newly established convention, the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. While the Expo is still young, having only started last year, and the guest list is only partly announced at this time, there is already one guest that should raise your eyebrow in intrigue: Christopher Lloyd. Yes, Doc Brown himself will be at the Edmonton Expo and he will be doing photo ops alongside his prized DeLorean.

    When I heard this, I was struck with inspiration not unlike a blast from your very hand. So let me spitball this little idea at you: Doc Brown…with the DeLorean…AND A PORTAL GUN! Truly, this is the Alpha and Omega of Mad Science and General Geekery the world has waited for!

    Let me know if you agree, and if you would like a copy of the photo for your records. I wish you well in your future evil endeavors. ^_^


    Doctor Holocaust

    I need a picture of Lloyd holding the portal gun.

    For science.



    Of course. For science. 😉

    More than happy to send you a copy after the Expo in September. Hopefully, you will acknowledge my triumph on The War Front. Until then, good luck in all your future evil endeavors.



    By the way, would you perchance be interested in a free copy of Guns of Icarus Online, a steampunk-styled team airship shooter? I just happen to have one.



    Just sending an update to inform you that I have secured the photo op with Mr. Lloyd and the Delorean at the Expo. It’s only a matter of time now 😉




    Just let me know where I can send the file.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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