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    In the conflict of the mystical Vs science, where do you stand Ace of Blades?


    Ace of Blades

    Both have their merits, one of my favourite superheroes is Doctor Strange after all.

    Actually, let’s examine him as a case example:

    Stephen Strange was a rockstar surgeon (okay, maybe medicine isn’t in the top 5 badass science fields) before he became the sorcerer supreme. Probably hasn’t repaired an artery since. He didn’t even use his goddamn trans-dimensional powers via The Eye of Agamotto to perform surgery, just to save the day in general using, you guessed it, magic.

    Magic is only limited to how powerful the individual wielding it is. Unfortunately, this takes years and years to be good enough to do basic conjuring and hexes. There’s no feasible way you can spend 2-4 years in some sort of course and then be able to shoot energy beams out of your eyes when you’re done.

    Even then, you’d still only get a job at McDonald’s in this economy.

    Let’s say you did find some mystical object (The Amulet of First Magic owned by Merlin) in a long-forgotten tomb and tried to study and perhaps use it, but there is a very high probability that you will either be
    A) Wiped from existence.
    B) Instantly displaced and had your memory wiped by said object’s safety feature
    c) Trapped inside of it and converted to pure energy, because that’s how these things are powered.

    Lastly, if you happen to be a descendent of some great mystic, then these things will present themselves to you, then, as a great man once said, “yer a wizard, ‘arry.”

    Let’s move on to science.

    Science is a derivative of ancient alchemy, which was considered magic way back when, but has grown in leaps and bounds especially in this most recent century.

    If we’re going to talk about science, I’m assuming you mean the kind of stuff that Doc knows about i.e. physics, chemistry, engineering, computers, and sandwiches.

    A device with the correct interface can be used by anyone, not just some weirdo who’s traced their lineage back 12 generations to find out that said relative was burned alive for heresy, and can be just as effective as sorcery.

    A real-life example I want you to look at is Nikola Tesla, the father of modern electricity. His wild inventions were so ahead of their time that we, 100 years later, are still having difficulty replicating them.

    I guess our best effort was naming a brand of electric cars after him, and they are freakin’ sweet.

    Science and its application are also limited by the user, but there are way more resources and current information that is available to the public so that improving your inventions thus broadening your knowledge can make the upcoming ones even more deadly.

    It truly is hard to say which is better. In an open field battle the magic user doesn’t obey by the constraints of physics and can probably turn the science user’s weapon into a puddle of mercury, but in a non-fantasy setting the wizard would be a smouldering pile of ashes and the science user would be on his merry way.

    tl;dr: Magic is only good on paper and in hypothetical scenarios, the application of anything potentially lethal is nigh-impossible. Science can be just awesome and be the real thing as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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